CallJoy Updates on COVID-19 (coronavirus)

 CallJoy can help keep SMB callers informed of operational changes due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

As efforts to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts small businesses throughout the US, our thoughts are with all of the restaurants, retail stores, salons and service providers that are working around the clock to navigate this unprecedented time - pivoting their businesses in order to continue to serve their communities.

While the situation continues to evolve and has affected each city and state differently, we at CallJoy wanted to provide three quick and easy tips for our users to make their phone agent more helpful as they navigate the hourly changes affecting their small businesses.

Update Your Google My Business Information

As officials urge consumers to practice social distancing, many small businesses have found themselves revising their daily hours of operation. If your business has been affected, Google My Business recently shared how to easily update business hours or how to change your business description if you’ve turned to online options or if you are now solely delivery-based. Google My Business is also planning to offer an option to list as ‘temporarily closed’ until further notice.

Edit Personal Greetings with Real-Time Information

Within the CallJoy dashboard, you can program your agent to answer every call with the date and a brief update, such as “Thanks for calling Juan’s Burritos. Today is Friday, March 20. We are currently only offering takeout and delivery orders,” before it asks “in a few words, how can I help you?”

Or, if you’re a retail store, “Thanks for calling Pine Lake Hardware. It’s Friday, March 20 and we currently have disinfectant sprays available in-store.”

Adjusting the date in the CallJoy dashboard is a simple and quick modification that will give your customers peace of mind.

Create Call Actions to Promote Online Options

If your brick-and-mortar business is closing its doors for the next few weeks, be sure that your phone agent is prepared to offer information about digital interactions or new service offerings, such as gift certificates and online shopping options. You can combine CallJoy’s verbal response and textback features to prompt callers to take an online action. For instance, if asked about new appointments, your agent could respond by saying, “We are accepting new appointments beginning on June 1. Can I send you a link to our spa services menu?”

If you need help managing your CallJoy account or are having trouble making payments, we’re here for you. Please reach out to us at