Three Ways to Get the Most Out of CallJoy

CallJoy’s top 3 features make it easy for small business owners to answer with intelligence.

By now you’ve heard that CallJoy is an easy-to-use cloud-based phone service that enables small business owners like yourself to offer better customer service and make more informed business decisions. But how exactly does CallJoy work?

After a quick setup, you’ll receive a new local business number that will automatically route to your current phone line. You’ll then be able to create specific Call Actions for what happens when an incoming call comes in. For example, based on the Call Actions you set up, you can:
  • have your automated CallJoy agent greet customers
  • enable your CallJoy agent to provide basic business information (like hours of operation)
  • have your CallJoy agent direct callers to speak with an employee
  • offer customers the option to take online action via an SMS text message
While all of this takes place, CallJoy is keeping track of your conversations with audio recordings and text transcripts as well as helping you block unwanted spam callers.

Want to get the most out of CallJoy? Make sure you’re taking advantage of these three features:

Call recording & text transcripts offer invaluable customer insight

You know that your phone line is ringing off the hook – but can you pinpoint what your customers are actually calling about? Keeping detailed information about whether customers are calling about in-stock items, reservations or simply your open hours is probably not something you or your employees have time to manually do every time you pick up the phone. CallJoy can do that for you.

With CallJoy’s audio recordings and searchable text transcripts, you’ll be able to learn what your customers care most about and what they most typically dial-in for. You can then add tags to conversations in order to group them together based on the intent of each call. For example, you can tag all calls about table reservations simply as “reservations.” These conversation tags can then be used in search, analysis and reporting. You can also use CallJoy’s transcripts and recording features as references for new employee trainings or to reference when addressing any customer service issues.

Insights allow you to make better business decisions

What can you do with all of the information generated by conversation tags and transcripts? That’s where CallJoy’s Insights feature comes in. With metrics such as peak call times, new vs. returning callers and conversation topics, CallJoy can help you make better business decisions. Notice an overwhelming number of callers are asking about open hours? You should set up a Call Action that lets customers easily press a number to hear current hours of operation, which will free up staff so they aren’t required to pick-up and answer such basic information.

Turning customer calls into online actions via SMS text message

Studies show that many customers would like to use text messages for communication with businesses, which isn’t surprising considering that 97% of Americans that own a smartphone text at least once per day.

CallJoy makes it easy for customers to opt into SMS text message communications with its unique textback feature. As a business owner, all you have to do is set up a Call Action that will enable your CallJoy agent to send customers a text message containing a URL so that they can take an online action instead of speaking with someone on the phone. This functionality is perfect for placing to-go orders or booking appointments through third-party applications.

In fact, for one CallJoy restaurant user, the phone line used to ring off the hook with customers wanting to place to-go orders. The staff couldn’t answer calls fast enough, which created missed opportunities. Since adding CallJoy’s textback feature, which is integrated with The, the restaurant has exponentially increased its online orders and revenue. The feature automatically texts callers a URL to place their orders online, giving employees more time to prepare food orders and provide excellent customer service.

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