Top 4 Tips for Creating Custom Greetings & Call Actions Like a Pro

 CallJoy makes it easy for SMBs to provide a positive phone experience for customers with custom greetings and Call Actions.

Small business owners invest countless hours to make a positive first impression on customers when they walk through the door. But what if a customer’s first touchpoint with a business takes place over the phone? This is often the case, as many consumers call to check item availability, operating hours, place orders or schedule appointments before even stepping foot in a business. For several businesses without physical storefronts, the phone is their front door.

Unfortunately, more than half of all customer calls to American small businesses go unanswered, which not only makes a bad first impression on potential new customers, but upsets loyal patrons that are eager to get in touch.

Most SMB employees don’t purposely miss calls, but instead are too busy providing in-person customer service, are on another call, or wrongfully assume the call is spam. Let’s face it, there will always be times when you just simply can’t pick up the phone, but that shouldn’t stop your customers from having a positive experience when calling your business.

Always Provide Answers with CallJoy

With CallJoy, you’ll never miss a call again. All incoming calls from your customers will be greeted by an automated CallJoy agent with the option to add your own personalized greeting. You’ll be able to set up specific Call Actions that give customers valuable information and options, such as:
  • Providing basic business information like hours of operation or your business’ address
  • Offering the option to send an SMS text message to take an online action, such as placing an online order or setting up an appointment
  • Or connecting directly to your business phone to be answered by you or an employee
Listen to this example to hear CallJoy and Call Actions in action.

4 Tips to Customize Your CallJoy Greeting & Call Actions

Want to make a positive impression on both new and returning callers? Here are five tips for creating a personal greeting and Call Actions that professionally represents your business - for all those times you can’t personally pick up.

  1. Sound professional. Whether calling a dog grooming business or making an appointment with an auto shop, customers want to know that they are working with a reputable business that they can trust. During setup, you can choose from six available voice to set up CallJoy’s brief recording consent message and Call Actions, which will automatically make your business appear established.
  2. Mention your current promos or basic business info. Maximize the time you have your customer’s ear by including details about upcoming sales or basic business information in your custom greeting. For example, you could say, “Thanks for calling Roy’s Auto Parts in Baton Rouge, LA. Did you know that we’re offering 20% off all windshield wipers throughout September?” before offering to connect callers with an employee or another Call Action.
  3. Succinctly and clearly explain callers’ available options. Let customers know up front what their options are for connecting with your business through your Call Actions, such as getting basic business information like your address or if they’d like to receive a text.
  4. Keep it short and sweet. If your message is too long, people will probably hang up. A good rule of thumb is to keep your greeting under 20 seconds, but you can use your CallJoy online dashboard and daily insights email to find out if people are hanging up before they’ve listened to the entire greeting. If so, you may want to shorten it or get to the most frequently asked questions earlier in your message.

Even when you can’t pick up a call, you can always answer the phone intelligently with CallJoy. Ready to get started? Start your free 14-day CallJoy trial to set up your own personal greeting and Call Actions today.