10 Ways for Small Businesses to Give Thanks to Customers

Small business owners can give back to customers by using CallJoy to share information about discounts and specials.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for small businesses to think about how they want to give thanks to the customers, clients and guests who have supported them all year. A genuine, heartfelt “thank you for your patronage” goes a long way, but a discount or free offer can help a lot during a season when budgets might be stretched. It’s also a great way to weave in an opportunity for customers to come back after the holidays, driving business during the post-holiday lull. Not feeling extra creative today? Not to worry.

Here are 10 ways a range of small businesses can say “Thank You” this year:

1. Retail Shops - Offer customers free gift wrapping on any purchases in the month of December.

2. Restaurants - Throughout the month of December, offer free wine pairing or coffee service with a dessert order.

3. CPAs - Offer your customers a free digital tax preparation checklist to help maximize their returns, along with a coupon for a discount on tax services that is valid during February and March. This will encourage customers to make appointments before the big rush at the beginning of April.

4. Auto Mechanics - Provide customers with a free winterization inspection, along with a coupon for a discount on any recommended services.

5. Salons & Spas - With an appointment or gift certificate purchase made in December provide customers a “New Year, New You” coupon for a discounted or free service in 2020.

6. Landscapers - Offer free Christmas tree pick-up/disposal for any customers who purchase discounted spring/summer lawn service packages during the month of December.

7. Dry Cleaners - Spend $50 on drycleaning in the month of December and get a coupon for a free cleaning of one garment in January.

8. Lawn & Garden Shops - Spend $35 on lights and decorations to get a coupon for a free flower or vegetable plant in the spring.

9. Gyms & Yoga Studios - Offer discounted rates for anyone who signs up for a 2020 package or membership before the end of December.

10. Coffee Shops & Bakeries - Get an extra $5 on the purchase of a $25 gift card.

However you choose to thank your customers during this season of giving, be sure to communicate it through all of your channels including your CallJoy custom greeting and Call Actions.

We, too, are thankful for the small businesses that make up such an important part of America’s economic landscape. If you haven’t had a chance to see how CallJoy can help you better serve your customers, set up a 14-day free trial on us. Thanks for all the services you provide and joy you bring to the communities where we live and work!