2020: The Year Small Businesses Can Finally Access Artificial Intelligence

CallJoy uses AI to help SMBs manage operations and provide a positive phone experience with custom Call Actions.

If you’ve been keeping up with business trends and predictions for 2020, you know that it’s safe to say that AI is the official buzzword of the new decade. Why? Well, it touches everything from e-commerce to hospitality, but the concept as a whole may feel overwhelming to incorporate into your business’ day-to-day. AI has historically been out of reach for small businesses, but as we step into a new decade, it is going to be more and more accessible.

So, what really is AI? Simply put, it’s the ability of a computer program or machine to think and learn. You’re probably already using a machine or computer to handle many of your daily tasks, so why not do it a little smarter? Here are three affordable software options that can do just that to help you automate your business:

Automated Lead Gen

OptinMonster is a lead generation platform that helps you to create and integrate email signup forms on your website. Its easy-to-use features include a drag-and-drop builder with mobile-friendly pop-ups, a variety of campaign types for maximum engagement, and seamless integration with the most popular email platforms like Gmail. From an AI perspective, OptinMonster’s Real-Time Behavior Automation uses tools that allow you to react and adapt to onsite activity in real-time to create personalized experiences for individual visitors. Perhaps the best part of the platform, this enterprise-level technology is affordable for small businesses with plans starting at $9/month.

Smart Scheduling

x.ai is a scheduling network that enables instant, autonomous meeting scheduling from wherever you work. The platform allows you to create meeting types to store your preferences and then assigns individual URLs to your various meetings -- 30-minute video call, hour-long onsite meeting with a conference room, 15-minute phone check-in. Once you choose a meeting URL and contacts, Amy the scheduling AI assistant will immediately reach out to your guests to coordinate schedules.. You can sign up for free and if you want all the bells and whistles, it will still only cost you $12/month per person.

Intelligent Phone Agent

CallJoy is a virtual phone agent for small businesses of all kinds. With the intelligent phone tech, you can easily create a custom agent to greet callers, answer common questions and send customers texts to take actions like booking an appointment. Additional features include flexible scheduling, call recording and transcripts, and call insights to increase visibility and help you determine peak call periods. The advanced phone technology is available for only $39 per month, or you can check it out for free with a 14-day trial.

AI is in your reach and can streamline workflows so that you can increase productivity and profits! As you kick off a new decade of success, be sure to follow the CallJoy blog for the latest tips, tools and technology for your small business.