Tips for Creating Conversational Call Actions

CallJoy makes it easy for SMBs to provide a positive phone experience for customers with conversational Call Actions.

We live in a world full of texting and online orders, but a recent poll shows that more than a third of consumers still make phone calls “all the time.” What can be said in a short phone call may take multiple texts or a long email. This consumer preference translates to more than 400 million calls to local businesses every day -- a struggle to manage without the right technology in place.

CallJoy’s recent updates allow you to customize the sound of the voice that answers for your business and gives you control over exactly what you want your assistant to say. Here are tips for setting up conversational Call Actions - it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Google My Business

A common question asked via phone for many small businesses is hours of operation. Because the answer to this question may change week to week, be sure to update your Google My Business profile with weekend and seasonal hours. Once you’ve connected your Google My Business profile to your CallJoy account, the listed operating hours on your Business Profile page will automatically sync with your CallJoy greeting. If a caller says, “When do you close today?” your call agent will give your customers more information about your hours of operation.

2. Review Insights and Update Regularly

You already know many of the reasons your customers pick up the phone to call, but do you know what the most common request is? You may know that users call to place orders, but not realize more than 14 people called last month to ask about gluten-free mini cupcakes. Monitoring your transcriptions and recordings will allow you to find out why people are calling and can help your business to quickly respond to and anticipate their needs. Review your Insights page often to get a closer look at how many customers were greeted and what type of requests were made of your individual agent. Update your Call Actions regularly to ensure you’re addressing the most frequently asked questions and informing your customers about any new services, products or sales.

3. Go Beyond Basic

Whether you own a specialty pet store or a gluten-free bakery, some customers will call with questions that go beyond the basics of operating hours and directions to your location. When setting up your call actions, review your insights to find out what questions apply specifically to your business and customize your agent accordingly. For example, your call agent would ask, “In a few words, how can I help you?” Then, a caller might inquire, “Do you sell custom birthday cakes?” The agent would respond, “Yes! We can make custom cakes! Can we text you a link to order one?” In order to make this possible, you can set up the following request phrases to trigger your agent to offer to send a URL to your online order form:
  • “Order a cake”
  • “Place an order”
  • “Birthday cake”
  • “Cake for a party”
  • And so on...
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