3 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience with CallJoy’s Textback Technology

CallJoy’s textback feature makes it easy for SMBs to provide additional information or take action online via text message.

Today’s consumers crave immediate answers when looking for information. It’s why the majority of consumers prefer to call local businesses, expecting a quick and seamless process. But in this digital age, providing the consumer multiple avenues to instantaneously receive answers to their questions is the surefire way to delight them. In fact, nine out of 10 consumers want the option to text a business, so why not give it to them?

With CallJoy’s unique textback feature, small businesses can make sure customers get the answers they’re calling about quickly, with just a few simple taps on their smartphones. Below are three reasons why you shouldn’t wait to set it up:

Textback Makes the Ordering Process Easier

Despite the endless amount of apps designed for food delivery and e-commerce, many consumers choose to call restaurants and local businesses when placing orders, thinking a quick call will be a more seamless process. For employees, however, taking orders over the phone takes time and can lead to potential human error, like an incorrect pizza topping or a wrong pickup time. With CallJoy’s textback feature, you can eliminate confusion by sending a link to a third-party application like The Ordering.app or your own website to make a purchase, giving customers complete control over their order.

Textback Streamlines Reservation & Appointment Scheduling

The ability to seamlessly schedule appointments or reservations is essential for a range of small businesses, from legal and accounting firms to wellness spas and fine dining restaurants. But similar to making orders over the phone, maintaining a schedule often requires an additional team member just to handle bookings, which often isn’t an option for SMBs with limited resources. Using the textback feature, your CallJoy agent can send customers a link to schedule appointments online.

Textback Connects Customers to Detailed Information Quickly

To set up CallJoy’s textback feature, you’ll need to create a custom Call Action that will enable your CallJoy agent to send customers a text message containing a URL so that they can take an online action. You can set up an infinite number of Call Actions and responses, however, there’s certain information that customers prefer to review visually vs. hearing audibly. For instance, if you’re the owner of a salon, you may find that you get a lot of calls asking what kind of beauty services you provide and how much they cost. Instead of having your CallJoy agent rattle off a long response about all of the prices for different hairstyling services or the variety of massages you offer, you can program it to provide a brief overview of your salon services and offer to send them a link to the “Services” page on your website for specific pricing information using the textback feature.

Ready to help your customers get the information they’re calling about even faster all while increasing productivity for you and your team? Click here for more details and instructions for setting up the textback feature for your CallJoy agent.