How Independent Pizzerias Can Improve Customer Satisfaction & Make More Dough

 The recipe for exceptional service all independent pizzerias need that keeps customers craving more.

People’s pizza preferences are personal; some like traditionally topped cheese slices while others prefer specialty, wood-fired pies. America is home to 77 thousand pizza restaurants, which means customers have a ton of options when they get a craving for pizza. So, how can your local pizzeria stand out?? Along with serving the best pie in the neighborhood, it’s essential that you offer your patrons consistent, and exceptional customer experience.

Here’s our recipe for providing supreme service that’ll keep your customers craving more:

Start At the Base: Create a Quality Online Atmosphere for Customers

Positive experiences create satisfied, repeat customers. From the paint color on the wall to the Spotify playlist, you want diners to enjoy their time in your restaurant. Creating a welcoming atmosphere doesn’t just mean in your physical restaurant, but in your online presence, too. Did you know that 90% of guests research a restaurant online before dining in? Be prepared and make sure your website is fully baked with everything a customer needs to know: hours of operation, menu, address, phone number, reservation options and more. For tips on creating the perfect website for your restaurant, check out this article from The Balance Small Business.

Choose Your Sauce Wisely: App Integrations for Customers on the Go

Consumer spending on pizza delivery in the United States reached approximately $11 billion in 2019 - the biggest increase since 2007. Why? Because consumers don’t always have the time to dine-in.

Since providing in-person customer service isn’t always a possibility, you’ll want to make sure your restaurant establishes and promotes partnerships with the apps and ordering services that are most popular in your neighborhood. Click here to check out Slice, an app for independent pizzerias that helps manage online orders. You’ll find it’s easier than ever to make your menu available online.

Adding the Cheese: Train Employees to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Investing in employees can make or break your business. Make sure you have a quality training program in place that focuses on customer satisfaction and gives employees the resources they need to be successful. Positive experiences with staff increase customers’ satisfaction by 33% overall, making employee performance a key factor in the continued success of your restaurant. Make sure your waitstaff, hostesses and back of house team are trained to provide a positive and helpful experience every time they interact with customers. Click here to learn how you can create a training program that works for your restaurant’s employees.

Sprinkle on The Seasoning: Offer Exceptional Phone Experiences for SMB Customer Service

How often do you or your employees struggle to quickly answer the ever-ringing phone at your restaurant? You’re not alone. Customers call local restaurants more than any other small business, but calls are often missed as employees are tied up with greeting guests, taking other orders or preparing the perfect pizza pie. Because 85% of people whose calls are not answered will not call back, you run the risk of missing out on loyal customers or potential patrons.

So, whether your customers are calling about hours of operation, reservations or take out options, invest in a system like CallJoy to help you automatically answer every call with a pleasant greeting -- “In a few words, how can I help you?”

Ready to make sure your customers receive excellent service every time they call your pizzeria? Set up a CallJoy account today!