3 Ways to Make Better Business Decisions with CallJoy Insights

CallJoy makes it easy for SMBs to make better business decisions with customer call insights and analysis.

Are you trying to make sense of customer calls using a combination of voicemails, sticky notes and basic memory recall? It’s time to upgrade.

Considering that American small businesses receive 400 million calls from customers every day - and exponentially more during peak seasons - it’s easy for small business owners like you to get overwhelmed when trying to keep track of conversation details, call frequency and over-the-phone customer service, especially when you’re limited by your traditional phone service. When you rely solely on mental reminders, handwritten scribbles and outdated phone technology, there’s no doubt that you’re missing out on information that can be gained from call volumes and conversation context.

Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever to get previously untapped data from your phone service by adding CallJoy’s advanced phone technology to your existing business phone line. See below for details about getting started with CallJoy and examples for how the technology can be used to make better business decisions.

Getting Started

Once you’ve selected a new local business phone number as part of your CallJoy account, you can easily set up your service so that an automated CallJoy phone agent will answer customer calls with a personalized greeting, provide basic business information, and direct callers to take online actions via text message - all while blocking unwanted spam.

What comes next? There’s one more important step, and that’s to make sure your customers are calling your new CallJoy number. You can easily make your number available on Google Search and Google Maps by updating your Google My Business listing. We also suggest updating the number on your Facebook and Yelp profiles.

CallJoy Insights
After you’ve shared your new CallJoy number, sit back and relax. Every day, CallJoy will crunch the numbers and compile the day’s conversations into an online dashboard and daily insights email, with metrics including:
  • Calls over time (graph)
  • % of new vs. returning callers
  • Most popular time of day
  • Highest volume by day of week
  • Longest call
  • Most frequent caller
  • Total aggregate calls
  • Average call duration
This data is also available via the online CallJoy platform along with audio recordings and text transcripts of all incoming calls to your business.

Curious about how you can use this data to make better business decisions? Check out how to use these insights in the following common scenarios.

Staff or Setup Call Actions Based on Popular Call Times

CallJoy call timesYou probably know what your busy hours are in terms of actual foot traffic for your business, but do you know which hours and days are the busiest for call traffic? CallJoy automatically gathers information about popular call times so that businesses can either staff accordingly or set up appropriate Call Actions. For example, a local boutique owner may decide to bring in an extra salesperson if they find that they have a high number of inbound calls during the same time that they are doing weekly inventory updates. Or, a salon owner may choose to set up a Call Action that directs customers to use the business’ online reservation platform if calls for appointment scheduling typically occur at the same time that receptionists are providing in-person service.

Understand What Customers Are Calling About Most Frequently with Conversation Tags

CallJoy conversation tags
Want to find out what your customers are calling about during your most popular call times? For every incoming call, CallJoy automatically records and creates a text transcript for further analysis and review. You can then easily search the transcript for common terms, such as “reservation” or “product,” and assign commonly identified topics as conversation tags. CallJoy then analyzes the frequency of conversation tags so you can see trends about what your customers are calling about most often and when. You can also assign multiple conversation tags to calls to help uncover common patterns, such as how many calls are specifically about cancelling appointments vs. appointments in general.

Improve Efficiency by Monitoring Call Time Length

CallJoy call length
Customers have high expectations for personal yet speedy customer service when working with small businesses, especially when it comes to communicating over the phone. With CallJoy, you can monitor the length of calls and to ensure that your employees are providing customers with information quickly, efficiently and politely. If you notice in your Insights dashboard that a call took an unusually long time, you can listen to the call’s audio or quickly skim over the text transcript to see if there were any issues preventing employees from providing quick service or if there were extended hold times. Depending on the context of the conversation, you can also uncover opportunities to train staff to be more efficient when answering calls.

Ready to use CallJoy’s daily insights, monthly analytics, call recordings and text transcripts to make better business decisions? Start your free 14-day trial of CallJoy today.