CallJoy & Google My Business - The Perfect Pair for SMBs

 CallJoy ties into Google My Business seamlessly to increase SMB search visibility and help customers get information quickly.

Peanut butter and jelly; wine and cheese; Han Solo and Chewbacca - some things are just better together. That’s true for the technology that powers your business, too. CallJoy and Google My Business may not be as famous as the aforementioned classics, but the pair are vastly more powerful when used together.

If you aren’t already familiar with Google My Business, it’s a free and easy-to-use tool designed to help you manage your business’s online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. If you haven’t claimed your business yet, you should make it a top priority. More than 90% of web searches happen on Google, and Google My Business plays a big role in how often your business appears in local search results.

The benefits of connecting CallJoy and Google My Business don’t end after the initial setup. Here are three ways that they work together to support your business:

1. Record & Analyze Calls

After creating a CallJoy account, it’s important to publish your new CallJoy number to Google My Business, which you can do with a single click directly with the CallJoy platform.

Once this is complete, mobile users can dial your CallJoy number at the touch of a button via Google Maps or Search. When users dial this number, their call will be routed to your business, allowing CallJoy to record, transcribe and analyze the call on your behalf. Lastly, having your number listed as part of your Business Profile increases your chances of making it into the Local 3-pack -- the colorful map listing of the three businesses Google determines to be the most relevant, high-quality, local results.

2. Daily Updates to Basic Business Info

Your Google My Business profile includes important business information that customers want to find without having to dig through your company’s website or social accounts like operating hours. Once you’ve connected your Google My Business profile to your CallJoy account, the listed operating hours on your Business Profile page will automatically sync with your CallJoy greeting to alert callers of whether your business is open or closed during the time that they call. You can also set up special hours and holiday hours on your Business Profile, which will then be automatically reflected in your personal greeting, like in the example below:

If your business hosts regular events like weekly trivia nights or monthly crafting workshops, you can also update your profile to reflect that schedule. Ensuring the accuracy of this information gives customers confidence that when they drive to your location for a specific event, they’ll get what they came for.

3. Google My Business Insights

Once you’ve verified your business on Google My Business, you’ll have access to Google Insights where you can find helpful information about customer searches. You can learn:

  • How customers are finding your business (ex: are customers specifically looking up “Paul’s Pizza” or are they looking up local pizza restaurants))
  • What search queries they’re using (common terms and search trends)
  • Where customers are finding you on Google (ex: how many found “Paul’s Pizza” via Google Search or Google Maps)
  • Which customer actions are most frequent (visit your website, request directions, call you)
  • What your business is known for (photos and customer opinions)

When you combine learnings from Google My Business Insights with CallJoy’s analytics and call transcripts, you can use the information to guide your marketing strategy and make better decisions. For instance, if you learn through CallJoy’s call transcripts that many of your customers are calling to check if you have a certain product in stock or if you offer a specific service, you can tailor your social media content to highlight these popular items or optimize your website’s design and content for SEO based on common search terms. From an operations standpoint, you can make sure you’re staffed up at the appropriate times, when both foot-traffic and call volumes are heavy, or answer the most frequently called about questions about basic business information with custom greetings, even when customers are calling outside of operating hours.

Already claimed your Google My Business listing? Check out how to update your Business Profile phone number directly from your CallJoy account with a single click using these step-by-step instructions.