"How Can I Help You?" - CallJoy Has the Answer for Small Businesses

CallJoy is a phone agent that helps small business owners save time so they can focus on growing their business.

At CallJoy, “answer with intelligence” isn’t just our tagline — it’s also our guiding principle for the improvements we make to the platform. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce new automation and customization features that make the CallJoy agent smarter and more helpful for small businesses.

Over the past six months, we’ve listened to feedback from hundreds of small business owners about what insights and technology they need to manage their phone lines. Thanks to their responses, we’ve made CallJoy a more intelligent and assistive phone agent. Starting today, the new version of CallJoy is making it even easier to provide an excellent experience for customers who call your business.

"How can I help you?"

With CallJoy’s new Call Actions feature, our agent can answer and respond to questions on behalf of your business. For example, a caller might ask a restaurant’s agent, “Do you have any outdoor seating?” If the phrase “outdoor” and a defined response had been entered into Call Actions the agent could respond, “Yes! Our patio is open for the summer. Can I text you the link to make an online reservation?”

Although the technology that powers this automation is advanced, setting it up is surprisingly easy. From your CallJoy dashboard, you simply identify phrases for your agent to “listen” for and select a specific action you want the agent to offer when those phrases are mentioned.

Choose when CallJoy answers and route calls

With the latest update to CallJoy, you have complete control over how you want to handle calls. You determine when the agent is involved in the call answering process, such as only answering after hours or when your line is busy. You can also route calls to multiple numbers depending on who the customer is trying to reach. For instance, if you set up your CallJoy agent to monitor for phrases such as “sales” or “support,” it can automatically route calls inquiring about those terms to the appropriate department or person on your team.

Make better business decisions with insights & transcripts

With the new version of CallJoy, you get even more insights in our daily analytics and reports. Within these reports, you can monitor the performance of your agent. For example, you can see stats like the percent of phone calls answered by your agent, the amount of time it’s saved you, and percent of requests it’s handled on your behalf.

Using insights and call recordings together can improve the performance of your agent. For example, if you notice that your agent is only able to provide answers to a limited number of customer questions, you should review your call recordings and transcripts to learn what your customers’ most common requests are. Then, set up custom intents in the Call Actions section so that the agent can actively respond on your behalf.

The new and improved CallJoy will help you save time and provide customers with better service through a more intelligent phone experience — all for the same flat monthly rate of $39.

Take CallJoy's new features for a test drive with our 14-day free trial. Click here to sign up.