CallJoy SMB Customer Spotlight: Tomahawks Axe Throwing

CallJoy helps small businesses like Tomahawks Axe Throwing answer every call to improve customer service.

CallJoy’s easy-to-use phone technology is helping small business owners across the country answer the call to delight their customers so they can stay focused on doing what they love most - their jobs. As more users tell us how CallJoy is helping them better manage their small business customer service, we want to share their stories with you.

Today we’re spotlighting Tomahawks Axe Throwing.

How Advanced Phone Technology is Helping a Growing SMB Answer Every Call & Provide Excellent Customer Service

In 2018, three entrepreneurial friends launched Tomahawks Axe Throwing as the first recreational axe-throwing venue in the downtown entertainment district of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Although axe throwing facilities have recently grown in popularity throughout the country, Tomahawks was just the third venue of its kind to open in the state, and naturally, many people had questions about the new activity. Tomahawks became inundated with customer calls asking about everything from safety precautions and promotions to scheduling reservations and parking information.

Since Tomahawks only offers axe throwing on weekday evenings and throughout the weekend, it didn’t make sense to have someone working daily from 9 am- 4 pm simply to answer the phone. However, when one of the founders received an alert from the company’s Google My Business profile that it was missing up to 100 calls per week, he knew it was time to find a better way to manage the phone line, provide better customer service and increase bookings.

By implementing CallJoy, Tomahawks has offered customers a streamlined, modern phone experience, while also helping the founders better run their business. Here’s how:
  • Increased Revenue: According to Tomahawks’ co-founder Shad Kearns, “CallJoy has been an absolute game-changer for our business. The best thing about it is that it gives me peace of mind knowing that we’re not missing calls, because missing calls meant we were ultimately missing out on revenue opportunities.”
  • Saved $$: With CallJoy, Tomahawks completely eliminated the need to hire an additional employee to answer the phone during weekdays.
  • Enhanced employee training: Management uses CallJoy’s recording and transcription features to monitor how employees communicate with customers over the phone and offer best practices for responding to common questions.
  • Increased productivity: With 14 custom Call Actions, the CallJoy agent is able to automatically respond to questions about everything from Groupon promotions and nearby parking options to sending callers a link to the FAQ page or to book reservations on the website via the textback feature. CallJoy also filters and deters spam and robo-calls, allowing employees to focus on providing in-person customer service. 
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